What come’s next

May 2, 2011

The day after my triathlon and I feel pretty good.  I was a little sore this morning, and I am thinking bedtime will come sooner rather than later tonight, but otherwise I feel pretty good.

I spent today trying to figure out what to do with my training and what race I want to do next. I must always pick a next race or I stop training and things get bad.  So it’s time to pick a new race.  And I’m just not sure.  Here’s what I’m considering:

1) What new challenge to do I want to face?  Do I want to do the same distances I have in the past, but do it faster? Do I want to try a new distance?

2)How long do I want to give myself? Next month? Next year? (Okay, not really)

3)How far do I want to travel for races? There are tons of 5K’s here in town, but if I want to do another tri, or something longer, I’m going to have to go elsewhere.

4)What are my long term goals?

Considering all of the above I beeeelieeeeve.  Maaaaaybe I am going to do the Hottest Half 10K in Dallas in August.  I want to do a 10K.  I was training for one at the beginning of the year, but I was sidelined with an injury, which was hard.  I’d have around 3 months to train and build up my distance.  I think I could do it easily.  Well sort of easily.  The only thing that makes me unable to fully commit is that I also really DO want to get faster.  I can pretty much walk as fast as I run.  Really.  So I want to get faster…, but I want to do longer distances too.  Oh my.


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