May 3, 2011

This morning I stumbled downstairs to feed the three little hellions, per usual.  And per usual they attacked the food.  Except for our little destructive princess.  She was all the way under the liqour cabinet, completely ignoring her food.  I knelt down to look under the cabinet and see what’s going on.  I’d think that maybe she’s decided to destroy another toy, or possibly another lizard has gotten in the house and I was going to have to rescue it before she ripped it to pieces.  I couldn’t see what it was at first, from the side.  I knew it wasn’t a lizard, but I thought maybe it was another one of those giant roaches that live here.  I was curious though as to why the thing wasn’t moving when she pawed at it.  I moved around to the front of cabinet for a better look and FREAKED. THE. HELL. OUT!

I screamed for the Man who was still asleep upstairs and he quickly ran down without his glasses even.  Because it was a GIANT spider.  GIANT.  I swear the body was the size of a nickel and the legs just kept going.  The size of my palm here people.  I’m not fond of spiders, but I can usually deal.  This however was TOO much.

I manged to drag our killer cat out from under the cabinet, which was harder to do than it sounds as she wanted to EAT the spider.  The only thing that stopped her was that the Man had stored a spare piece of glass for a future DIY project behind the cabinet and the spider was actually between the glass and the wall.  This was also the spiders downfall as the Man was able to squish the spider between the glass and the wall.  And he is still there.  Which is gross, but we have to completely unload the liquor cabinet in order to move it and in direct disproportion to the amount we drink, our collection is legion.  But it’s going to have to happen shortly because – EWWW and SHUDDER!


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