A day without structure

May 7, 2011

The man had to go into work today, and as we didn’t know about it ahead of time, I was at loose ends.  I read in bed for awhile, before wandering down to the farmer’s market where a got a few veggies and some grass fed beef.  I also checked out the swelling river.  Just a week ago the river wasn’t touching the red letters yet.  Now…

Baton Rouge - half covered.

The A

Sandbags along the levee.

I’ve seen the water a bit higher than this, but not by much.  And it’s still two weeks away from crest.  I now understand why they’re really worried this time.
When I got home I thought about going for a walk. I thought about taking my research and heading to the Y for some sun and a swim.  I thought about going for a bike ride.  I didn’t do anything of these things.  I did manage to finish unpacking from our trip from two weeks ago.  We had plans with a friend tonight, but I wasn’t feeling up to heading out, so she headed over and we watched some movies and just hung out.  It was a pleasant if not perfectly satisfying day. 

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