On the road again!

May 9, 2011

Well, it was the track behind the Y, so not exactly road, but close enough.  I have planned out all my workouts for the week and today was all about the run.  I’m starting small – or short as the case may be and I’m trying something different this time around.  Intervals.  I’ve read so many health/diet/exercise books that have promoted interval training, I figure I’ve got to try it.  Plus I think it will help with speed, which is going to be a my focus in my SECOND TRIATHLON.

Yeah, that’s right.  It’s on.  Mini-triathlon number two coming up in August.

So intervals went well.  It’s crazy how out of breath you get running so hard for just 30 seconds.  I covered just about two miles with six intervals of 30 seconds of running and 2:30 of walking.  Then I went to my strength training class in the gravity well.  It was HARD.  It had been a couple of months since I had gone and oh my!  I can tell that I’ve lost muscle as I’ve been training.  It’s another thing I plan on doing differenly this time around.

Weekends will be for endurance.  Long runs and bikes.  The evenings will be for intervals.  And strength training.  And yoga.  I now know that I can DO this. I can do a triathlon.  I don’t have to worry about can I cover the distance or not.  Now I just have to worry about doing it faster.


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