Weekend Recap

May 15, 2011

I was doing so well with blogging every day until this weekend.  Until DRINKING!  Ha.  I finally got some birthday lemontinis from Tsunami this weekend.

Friday I knew that I needed to get out of the house pretty much immediately after getting home from work.  Sitting at home and waiting for the Man to get off work again wouldn’t work.  I sent out several texts and emails to see if any one wanted to join me at Live after Five downtown and no one did.  So I went by myself.  This is my first time going this Spring since they’ve moved it to a new location due to construction and it was SO NICE!  This park is much more grassy and there was way more room for everyone to spread out.  I ended up just sitting on the grass, reading on my phone and listening to the music until the concert was over.  Then I walked to Tsunami for a lemontini and to wait for the Man.  After he arrived and we stared at the darkened, swollen Mississippi while I finished my drink we headed to Lucy’s for burgers.

Saturday was busy, busy.  The Man was busy getting stuff together for the big motorcycle ride scheduled for today, while I was busy getting ready (i.e. shopping) for our friends’ wedding that evening.  We’ve attended three weddings this spring and for every single one of them we end up being super rushed for every single one of them.  At least this time we managed to get in the door before the bride, unlike wedding number 1.  There was actually an hour to kill between the wedding and the reception, so what do I do when I’m downtown with time to kill in georgeous May weather?

Lemontini’s on the roof.  I managed to down two before we made it back over to the reception.  Love it.  The reception was super fun, hanging with friends we don’t get too see very often these days with yummy food and drinks and lots of dancing.  There was also a second line to end the evening and sparklers for their send off.  It was great fun, even when a snake came out of the grass onto the walk way during the sparkler portion of the evening.

Today the Man went on the bike ride and I did not.  He wasn’t completely comfortable with me going as he had been doing a lot of work to it these past couple of weeks and he wasn’t sure if it would even make it.  I wasn’t completely comfortable for the same reason, plus it has been nearly three years since I had been on the back of his bike.  I wasn’t really keen on going on a long ride the first time I got on it.  Plus there was things to do at the house today!  When he told me it was okay if I didn’t go I was so excited.  I planned on checking off the to-do list, made up mostly of laundry and then head to the pool around the time he was getting home. But laundry took a long time and around the time he had hoped to be getting home he called to say they had just gotten to the restaurant.  So I’ve spent the day doing laundry and watching Sports Night on Netflix.  The later part was awesome.  The former, not so much.  Still I’m trying to focus on the positive which is that for the first time in quite awhile all sheets, towels and clothes are washed and put away.  Or they will be before bed this evening.


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