Birthday Rockstar

May 24, 2011

The beginning of my birthday month was slow buildup to an absolutely amazing weekend.  I did have to go to work on Thursday, my actual birthday, but it was a rather low key day.  And we got delicious, amazing, WONDERFUL Himilayas.  I love Indian food and this is one of my absolutely favorite Indian restaurants.  Samosas, garlic naan, and lamb korma.  It might actually be my “last meal” if forced to pick.

I got some loverly jewerly from the Man and some bike asseccories.  A friend surprised me with wine and balloons and just overall it was nice.  Even moer so because both the Man and I had taken Friday off.  I had hoped to go kayaking or canoeing on Friday, but I realized that all the places I were looking at were actually a two or three hour drive and that wasn’t really viable for a day trip.  So I contacted LSU to see if we could rent a kayak to take to the lakes for the weekend, but alas, they were shut down for graduation.  (Did everyone else know that the ENTIRE campus shut down for the day?)

So we went on down to the Audobon Zoo.  I had never been and we always talked about going, but never made the time.  It was a great day.  On the way down we got to see the Bonett Carre spillway open.  It was crazy to watch.  The time spent in the zoo was loverly -a little hot, but not too bad and we had just enough time.  I loved just driving down there as well.  Despite living only an hour or so from New Orleans for nearly six years, I’ve never done much more than the regular tourist stuff.  Basically – the quarter and …. that’s it.  I loved the Magazine/Camp area.  It’s totally the type of place I would love to live.  Walkable and quirky with tons of character.  We also got to have some pizza (my other favorite food) at Fat Molly’s, a place some friends own.

After we returned to town there was sleeping and reading.  A boring Friday night, I suppose, but for a girl who loves to read and lounge, it was good.  Especially as I knew what was before me Saturday night.

PARTY!  The day was typical of a Saturday with a visit to the farmer’s market and then an accidental nap while reading.  But after that it was off to Tsunami for drinks and sushi.  Due to a reservations snafu we had to show up early so we could get a table for 8 around the time we were hoping for.  It turned out perfect because the weather was gorgeous and we ran into a couple of other friends who were there for a wedding, so they could meet us after dinner for drinking.  Multiple lemon drop martini’s, delicious sushi and wonderful friends.  Then we moved over to B&T’s for a pretty kickin band and more drinks.  Some time after midnight we were on our way back to the car when someone said “You have to have a skittle shot.”  I love skittles.  I pretty much agreed that that sounded like something I needed to do.  Unfortunately that one shot turned into oh – three? four? – in a very short period of time.

Sunday morning when I was feeling a bit icky, I blamed those last minute shots.  Despite the copious amounts of alcohol consumed before them I had paced myself pretty well and kept a pleasant little more than buzzed for the entire evening.  I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t downed so much cotton candy vodka at the end of the evening my body might not have tried to remind me that I can’t party like a rockstar as hard (or as often) as I used to.  Later that afternoon we got to see Thor.  (Fun, and a few awesome moments of eye candy.  Black. Levis.  DROOL!)  And some yummy soup and sandwiches to round out the night and the weekend.

I’m coming down from the birthday weekend and the birthday month.  While I still have another week in the best month of the year, I don’t see me asking for much more things to do.  I’m worn out.  I truly am getting old.  But I’m still a rockstar.  😉


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