Yoga equals running

June 1, 2011

Today is National Running Day – and I didn’t run.  I feel a bit weird about it, but my favorite yoga instructor is leaving for Peru for about two months and I wanted to get a bit of Alica-yoga in before she left.  This class was actually at a new studio for me.  A donation only studio in the back of a house.  It was small but nice and I saw old faces from studios past.  However,  I think many people felt the same as me as there was a dozen or so of us in a pretty small space.  An non-air-conditioned space.  In Louisiana.  In the summertime.  (For those of you who don’t know Summer usually starts in May, sometimes April here.) We’re in triple digits already and don’t forget the infamous humidity that pushes the heat index up and makes you feel like you are swimming instead of walking.  I haven’t sweated that much during a yoga class in years – if ever.  And I assure you that I was sweating just as much if I had been running – if not more.  So it’s LIKE I went running on National Running Day.

And if you don’t think so, tomorrow I’m going to Fleet Feet for an informational meeting about speed work.  And it’s 99 percent likely that I’m signing up.  Which means I’ll be running speed work in the weather described above for the next two months.  If that’s not celebrating running I don’t know what is.

I recognize that it’s also sort of insane.


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