Just breathe

June 16, 2011

I’ve met my 30 for 30 Yoga challenge head on. Over a week so far. Sometimes, it’s hard. I can be so tired and all I want is to just climb in between my sheets and go to sleep. But I find myself rolling out the yoga mat anyway.

Plus, I’m finding so much on that mat. I’ve never been one to do a lot of yoga at home. I get bored easily with DVD’s and even podcasts just don’t do much for me. I’ll use them from time to time, but they don’t do anything for my practice. I’ve always depended on studio classes for that. But studio classes are expensive and when I’m trying to train for a triathlon it’s hard to fit yoga classes in with running group, spin classes, swim time, and strength classes – it’s near impossible.

That impossibility has turned out to be a blessing. I am going so much deeper into my practice on my own. I’m doing poses that fit my mood, my body, my day. I’m focusing on my breath. I’m holding poses for as long as I want to hold them, and that’s longer than one might expect. I’ve always assumed that I wouldn’t find my own yoga sessions challenging. That I’d let myself wuss out during Warrior II or *shudder* chair pose. And maybe I don’t go into those poses often, but when I do, I hold them for at least six breaths. Which are deep, slow, relaxing. And often let me hold the poses for even longer.

After five years of practicing yoga, albeit often sporadically, I am learning how to breathe.

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