Freedom is restricting!

June 22, 2011

So I’ve entered the gluten-free / dairy-free portion of the Ultrametabolism diet.  Also off the menu (ideally) peanuts, eggs, beef and pork.  Do you know how many gluten free breads have egg in them?  Answer: a lot!  I’ve actually decided that the egg-freeness is the least important.  I don’t eat a lot of eggs (I don’t really like them) and the occasional scrambled egg, quiche, omelet, or fritatta I eat with baked goods isn’t enough to effect my health THAT much.  I’ll avoid eating all of the previous, and obviously, I’m giving up most baked goods too, but I’ve found a gluten-free bread I actually LIKE, so I do believe I’m sticking with it even if it has egg.

I’ve been doing this for three days and it’s a weird mix of “this is easy” and “this is hard.”  I still don’t think I’ve had a perfect day yet.  Today was really close, but dinner tonight had some trace amounts of gluten in the marinade for the lamb.  Sigh.

This is all part of Dr. Mark Hyman’s Ultrametabolism plan.  The idea is that you give up sugar, processed foods and white carbs forever and then after you do that for a week or so, you give up gluten, diary and other common food allergens.  The idea is that many people have a sensitivity to these foods and never no it because it doesn’t cause the same obvious problems as a strong allergy.  After 3 weeks – 3 months you start adding in the allergen foods to see if you can feel any effects.  It’s a plan that makes sense to me and really isn’t doing much other than encouraging healthy eating.

The biggest hurdle is going “free” for the coming weeks (months?!?!).  The sugar and white refined carbs?  Not nearly as hard as I would have thought.  As long as I can still have carbs, I’m pretty happy.  I LIKE whole wheat things.  And I can still have a bite of chocolate now and again as long as it is 70% cacao or higher.  Yum!  Last night I watched the Man and some friends devour to luscious desserts at the dinner table.  Yeah, I probably would have enjoyed a bite, but it wasn’t that big of a deal not to have one.  In the future once I’ve reached my goal weight?  I’ll indulge from time to time, but it really would have to be an indulgence, i.e. something occasionally and special.  I can see myself keeping it up.

But this gluten-free, dairy-free stuff… I’m going to cry if it turns out I have a sensitivity to either I think.  I can give up milk (I’m totally falling in love with almond milk!), but cheese and sour cream?  Ouch!  Especially cheese.  Because I’m just AFRAID of the soy cheese.  And people who say cheeseless pizza is the same are just nuts.  And gluten – it’s in EVERYTHING.  Eating out is next to impossible.  Especially for brunch.  And we go out to brunch often.  So fingers crossed that when I start adding things back in there are no problems.

Despite the challenges I’m facing, dinner was delicious tonight!  Green beans with nutritional yeast and some garlic herb, dairy free mashed potatoes (these were GOOD) and the lamb.  All brought to you from the Red Stick Farmer’s Market.  Beans and potatoes from Oakland Organic Farm and lamb from the Ryals of Rocking R.  Delicious, filling and healthy!


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