What Fifty Days of Yoga Has Done for Me

July 28, 2011
50 days ago (51 now – I didn’t get to post this yesterday!) I started a 30 for 30 yoga challenge. I would do 30 minutes of yoga (at least) for 30 days straight.  I gave an update about how I really thought it was strengthening my practice, but shortly after that it wasn’t doing as much anymore. Somehow I was always doing yoga right before bed.  And when I was going to bed early those thirty minutes were awesome.  But most nights I wouldn’t drag myself up the steps until I was exhausted and 30 minutes of yoga seemed more like a burden than the awesome relaxation experience.  But I did it.  Because I was committed.  I even got to experience drunken tipsy yoga at three in the morning on the floor of a New Orleans hotel room when my friends were passed out asleep in the beds.
When the 30 days was over, I knew I wanted to continue something, but I also knew that late night yoga sessions as something I just had to get through weren’t benefiting me as much as I wanted.  Up sprang my Forty-Four Mornings challenge.  I would do yoga every morning for 44 mornings – or right up to my next triathlon.  This has been awesome.  I usually only get 15-20 minutes in because I’m not the biggest morning person, but the yoga is really something I ENJOY.  It’s not just something to get through.  Often I find myself still on my mat after my timer goes off, fitting in a few more poses before I have to RUN out the door to work.  Today (Yesterday) marks the 50th day I have done yoga in a row.  Fifty days.  That’s an awesome thing I and I wanted to stop and reflect on it.
1) I’m a better yogini – I can hold poses longer, deeper and with better form than I could months ago.
2) I really can use my breath to as one of my old teachers used to say “Embrace the pain” of the pose.
3) My hips and legs are not nearly as tight from running and biking as they would be otherwise.
4) Some minor muscle correction in my hips and legs.  I’m still twisted and off-center, but not as much.
5) Better posture.  I still slouch too much when sitting, but I realize all the time how I am walking taller and with my shoulders thrown back.
6) Stronger abs.  I still have weakling abs, but they are certainly stronger than they were a couple of months ago.
I’m really proud of myself and I’m looking forward to what comes after day 44 (day 74).  I’m thinking I’m going to add some time to my challenge.  And without the triathlon to train for I can hopefully fit in some actually classes again.  Especially now that one of my favorite instructors  is back from South America.

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