Meatless Mondays

August 15, 2011

On August 16, 2010 I had my first Meatless Monday.  And most Monday’s since then have also been meatless.  Occasionally I’ve had to have meat on Monday’s due to a special occasion or the need to eat something in the fridge before it went bad, but on those weeks I had a meatless Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  So for a year now I’ve had one meatless day a week. That’s 156 meals that have been meatless.  And I’m super happy about it. 

I am not a vegetarian, nor do I have any immediate plans to be.  I like meat and I don’t suffer intense pangs of guilt when I eat it.  After working in a medical library for nearly a year, I am convinced that too much meat is NOT good for the average person.  During my research I came across the Meatless Monday Movement and decided to try it.  I don’t see me stopping.  I enjoy trying new veggie recipes and I think I end up eating more vegetables this way.  I think it’s better for my health. I had hoped it would be better for my pocket book, but I’ve yet to see that effect actually come into play.  Probably because I’ve started buying meat from local farms.  In the last six months or so I’d say 90% of the meat brought into the house has come from the local farmer’s market. 

I don’t think factory farms are healthy and I don’t think they are humane.  There is where the guilt comes in.  Right now, I’m generally happy with the steps I’ve taken to improve my health, to support the local economy, and to eat food that doesn’t cause waves of guilt, BUT I eat out a lot, and there are not many places that serves local meats on their menu.  I keep flirting with the idea of going vegetarian when I eat out or at least pescetarian (There’s tons of local, fresh caught seafood available in Louisiana.) unless I’m at a place that serves grass-fed beef/yard bird type meats.  The idea is there. I’m flirting with it, but I haven’t yet gotten up the guts to commit to it. 

What are your dietary choices?  Do you make them for health, ethical, monetary or environmental reasons?


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