Yoga some more

September 1, 2011

Did you know September is National Yoga Month?  (It’s also Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Ovarian/Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month. I’m still not sure why they couldn’t spread these cancer awareness months out a little bit.)

I’m still going strong with my consecutive yoga, although not quite as strongly as I had hoped. Once I finished my second challenge – 44 Mornings of Yoga, I wanted to come up with a third challenge to get me through 100 consecutive days.  Something that would keep my morning yoga, but add a bit more upmph and pow to things.  A bit more of a challenge.  But I didn’t do it. I’ve just be waking up and doing a bit of yoga and ladida that’s it.  I wanted to hit the donation studio for Alicia’s classes, but half-marathon training makes that not possible.  And then today Katie posted about doing Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days To Personal Revolution.  And I’m intrigued.  40 days of yoga and mindfulness.  Awesome!  Of course, the women’s center here in town is adding Tuesday Thursday morning yoga class that would also fit in my schedule.  Another intriguing option.  I want to do it all.

And that might just be the problem.  I need to chill out. I am training to swim a mile.  I am training to complete a half-marathon.  I have completed 86 consecutive days of yoga and am aiming for 100.  I’m tracking my calories in and out. I’m doing strength training again for the first time in ages.  Oh and I’m now two months away from starting to write a damn novel in 30 days, while leading and encouraging a like minded group of individuals to do the same.  It’s possible, maybe, that I just need to reign myself in a little bit.  But doesn’t mean I’m not now in my car on the way to the bookstore to check out that book!


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