What 10 days of Lazy Wrought

September 24, 2011

As I said in my last post, I took ten days off of running and swimming for no good reason and filled my body with junk food.

This week, I got back in the swing of things, some what.  No pool yet, but I ran 4 times.  And I still had some junk, but less of it, more home cooked, whole foods and I tracked it all.

I saw the scale move some. In the right direction for the first time since July.

But the really important thing is how I felt.  While I could tell I had taken some time off, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.  My runs slowed a little and my long run was just average today, though that might have had to do with a bit of dehydration and a pace that was a little too fast thanks to my running partner.

But overall, I felt good that I was able to take some time off and then get back into things without really feeling it.  It was there in subtle ways, but overall… I feel like I have the body of an athelete. Not in appearance obviously, but in ability.  I can keep up my athletic endeavors even if the old nonathletic me rears her head from time to time.  I am slow.  I am fat.  But I am an athelte.

Which reminds me I really need to do my review of the Slow, Fat, Triathlete books.


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