Best Body Bootcamp – Week 3

March 26, 2012

A BUST!  That’s pretty much what week 3 was for me.

It was supposed to be an easy week with my workouts for my Triathlon planning but instead it turned into more days without workouts than not, eating plans completely derailed and once again, utter yoga failure.  Boo!  Somethings were out of my control, like the day long thunderstorm that kept me out of the pool one day, or performing in the Vagina Monologues that had me snacking and celebrating and performing instead of working out, but other things… well I just made some choices that in retrospect, I wish I hadn’t.  Though I do NOT regret skipping my Friday afternoon workouts to go home, and sip on a glass of wine in the gorgeous weather and read a book.  And that’s one thing I think that this week has taught me.  Sometimes the BEST choice in not necessarily the “healthiest” choice.  Sometimes you need to relax and enjoy.  BUT skipping workouts does not always equate to relaxing and enjoying.  For instance, I missed Saturday and Sunday’s workouts for nothing more than pure laziness.  But when you make that choice to forgo a workout for your mental health, you should NOT feel guilty about it.  Just like I don’t feel guilty for swimming with lightening and thunder and a tornado watch.  Sometimes stormy, turbulent emotions are just like stormy turbulent weather. 

One step back does NOT mean I have to take another.  This week, I am meal planning ahead of time.  I’ll be ramping UP the workouts as the Tri is just a 3 short weeks away.  And I’m looking forward to this bootcamp experience.  I know that not only is this great for me NOW, but I’m going to return to these workouts time and time again when I need something challenging in my workout schedule. 


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