Best Body Bootcamp

April 1, 2012

I just finished my final workout for week 4.  It was the arms workout and my arms are LITERALLY quivering as I type this.  Intense.  Week 4 has gone amazing compared to Week 3.  I didn’t miss a single planned workout.  I’ve tracked every day. (Until today – We’re about to go to a crawfish boil and I’m going to go worry about how many of those suckers I take out!) I’ve stayed in, or relatively close to my range as well.

As the first of the month this was my weigh-in and measurement day.  It was positive, or negative in the form of losses, though not as much as I had hoped for.  And I know the problem lies in what and how much I eat.  Tracking is helping.  A lot.  And I have to hope that it will only get better during this second half of bootcamp.

I decided to change up my second goal to simply stretch every day.  I couldn’t stand the thought of failing at my yoga again and I thought about and realized I’m doing some yoga moves most every day, but because I’m not putting the THOUGHT behind it I really need to, I felt guilty calling it yoga.  So I’m going to call it stretching.  And admit that it’s good for me and go from there.  I’ll be bring back the yoga goal, maybe in week 6 after my Triathlon when I’ll take it a little easy before ramping back up for Tri number 2 of the season.

I”m so glad I decided to work on this program.  It has rekindled my love of weights.  I’ll definitely be following many of the workouts in the future, even after bootcamp is over.


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