Best Body Bootcamp Week 6

April 16, 2012

In some ways this was my lamest participation week yet, I didn’t even do yoga one day, I didn’t get in 5 activity days, and I sure as shootin didn’t do my strength training. But it ended with such and AWESOME note, I can’t complain or feel bad about it.  I completed my third triathlon on Sunday, increasing my paces from last season in both the swim and the bike, setting a new PR by almost 20 minutes. My run pace was slower than last year, but that’s because I let myself get even slower during training for my half marathon last winter.  My pace was actually about two minutes faster than training runs from the beginning of bootcamp.  And those weren’t runs that were done after swimming and biking either.

When I signed up for this race I really wanted to complete it in under an hour.  Towards the end of training, I didn’t think that would be possible and I just wanted to do it as fast as I could, DEFINITELY under 1:10, hopefully under 1:05.  I did it in 1:02 and some change.  I’m super excited.  The swim and the bike went REALLY well and the run went okay.  I know that in all honest I probably could have done it faster.  I maybe could have reached that original goal of under an hour.  But still, it was a GREAT race. I actually cried a bit during the run, but instead of like the last time I cried during a tri, these were happy tears.

I’ve lost the weigh I gained in the winter so I’m back to the same weight I was last year, but I feel better, I feel stronger, I feel fitter.  And I know a good part of that is thanks to bootcamp.  Seriously, this has been the best 25 dollars I have spent on myself in a very long time.  I’m hitting the ground running for these last two weeks, trying to follow the plan even more close sly than I did in the first 4 weeks as I have two months until my next Tri.  And when I finalize the rest of my training plan for that race so many of these amazing workouts are going to be incorporated into it so that I can get even stronger as this season continues. I am so thankful for this program and for Tina!  It’s put me back on track to being myself for the first time in a long time.


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