Best Body Bootcamp

April 29, 2012

It’s over.  Bootcamp is over and I’m very pleased. Let’s talk  about what’s happened.

  • I started lifting weights/strength training again.  And loved it!
  • I lost 4 pounds and 5 inches off my body.
  • I tracked my food consistently for two months.
  • I completed my third super sprint triathlon and set a PR.
  • I’ve gotten in better shape and have increased my speed in all events.

I wish the second bullet point had bigger numbers in it, but because of the third bullet I know exactly why.  It doesn’t matter that I work out before and after workout when I eat 500-1000 more calories a day than I should.  And bootcamp gave me the motivation to see that.  That kick in the pants to see – HEY you aren’t doing as well as you think you are.

This last week I tracked and tried to stay in my calorie range.  And I did it 5 days out of 7.  Date night Friday and two different crawfish boils on Saturday didn’t go so well, but I’m still happy.

Plus while I didn’t lose that many inches, I’m certain that what I did lose was fat, because my muscles are bigger and my legs and arms are less jiggly.

This is a new start for me.

Thanks Tina Reale for putting together this amazing program.  Can’t wait until August!!



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