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What 10 days of Lazy Wrought

September 24, 2011

As I said in my last post, I took ten days off of running and swimming for no good reason and filled my body with junk food.

This week, I got back in the swing of things, some what.  No pool yet, but I ran 4 times.  And I still had some junk, but less of it, more home cooked, whole foods and I tracked it all.

I saw the scale move some. In the right direction for the first time since July.

But the really important thing is how I felt.  While I could tell I had taken some time off, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.  My runs slowed a little and my long run was just average today, though that might have had to do with a bit of dehydration and a pace that was a little too fast thanks to my running partner.

But overall, I felt good that I was able to take some time off and then get back into things without really feeling it.  It was there in subtle ways, but overall… I feel like I have the body of an athelete. Not in appearance obviously, but in ability.  I can keep up my athletic endeavors even if the old nonathletic me rears her head from time to time.  I am slow.  I am fat.  But I am an athelte.

Which reminds me I really need to do my review of the Slow, Fat, Triathlete books.


Tropical Storm Lee and the Triathlete

September 5, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee formed in the Gulf last week and immediately the forecast became rain, rain, rain.  All of it being of the thunderstorm variety according to the ten day forecast.  Thursday morning, I found this very frustrating as I needed to get in a couple of swims and a long run during the next few days.  That morning I decided to pack my bag because maybe the rain would hold off.  And while the rain did come in that afternoon, it was just light showers and no thunder.  I was able to swim without sharing a lane for the first time in weeks.

Friday was also a swim day and I didn’t even bother to pack my bag that morning as the forecast was 100% chance of thunderstorms for pretty much the whole day.  But by lunch time, I was hopeful because while it had certainly poured at points during the day the thunderstorms were staying well off the coast still.  So I went home, grabbed my gym bag and then called the gym when I got off work to double check that they were open.  No lightening, no thunder, you’re good to go.  So I went.  And once again I had a lane to myself, about halfway through my workout I had the whole pool to myself.  Loved it!

Saturday the storm really rolled in.  I was supposed to meet my run group for a long run at the lakes at 7 that morning.  I set my alarm for 6, but the wind and the rain woke me up at 4 and kept me up.  I knew there was no way I was going to make it out anywhere by 7.  When the alarm went off I turned it off and burrowed back under the covers.

Later that morning the rain stopped and the wind lessened and I decided “Hey!  I could go for my run now!”  So I did.  The rain came back after about 20 or 30 minutes, but running in the rain, not so bad really.  Even if that rain is a tropical storm.  I ran in the street more to avoid puddle on the sidewalk and trees over my head, but mostly it was just a really great long run.  The only bad moment came when just a couple of blocks from my house my shoe came untied.  Stopping to tie it and then starting running again… hurt like all get out.  Still, when I was done, I looked like this:

Next week I’m totally ready to conquer six miles.


Yoga some more

September 1, 2011

Did you know September is National Yoga Month?  (It’s also Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Ovarian/Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month. I’m still not sure why they couldn’t spread these cancer awareness months out a little bit.)

I’m still going strong with my consecutive yoga, although not quite as strongly as I had hoped. Once I finished my second challenge – 44 Mornings of Yoga, I wanted to come up with a third challenge to get me through 100 consecutive days.  Something that would keep my morning yoga, but add a bit more upmph and pow to things.  A bit more of a challenge.  But I didn’t do it. I’ve just be waking up and doing a bit of yoga and ladida that’s it.  I wanted to hit the donation studio for Alicia’s classes, but half-marathon training makes that not possible.  And then today Katie posted about doing Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days To Personal Revolution.  And I’m intrigued.  40 days of yoga and mindfulness.  Awesome!  Of course, the women’s center here in town is adding Tuesday Thursday morning yoga class that would also fit in my schedule.  Another intriguing option.  I want to do it all.

And that might just be the problem.  I need to chill out. I am training to swim a mile.  I am training to complete a half-marathon.  I have completed 86 consecutive days of yoga and am aiming for 100.  I’m tracking my calories in and out. I’m doing strength training again for the first time in ages.  Oh and I’m now two months away from starting to write a damn novel in 30 days, while leading and encouraging a like minded group of individuals to do the same.  It’s possible, maybe, that I just need to reign myself in a little bit.  But doesn’t mean I’m not now in my car on the way to the bookstore to check out that book!


Race Recap: Zoo Zoom 5K

August 27, 2011

Baton Rouge Zoo Zoom 5K – 8:15am August 27, 2011

I had high hopes for this race.  Specifically I had hopes for a PR.  Since my last 5K I have done two Super Sprint Triathlons and six weeks of speed work training.  At the beginning of the month I did a 2 miler and set a nice new pace that I was sure I could have kept up for 1.1 more miles.

During the not fun at all triathlon last weekend, even with all the walking I had a good (for me) pace that I was proud of.  So I was just sure that today I could handle a new PR.  I wasn’t even looking for much.  Just shaving a few seconds off my best 5K pace.

But for some reason I just couldn’t do it.  I think a lot of little things added up. I tied my shoe too tightly, so I had ankle pain and I had to stop to retie. I was slightly dehydrated and then drank too much before the race started and in the beginning to try and make up for it.  I didn’t have my normal pre-prace breakfast.  None of these were huge things, but perhaps the combination of them just eroded my ability, or my perception of my ability.  I was on a good pace for the first mile, but things just seemed to go down hill after that. I didn’t really feel like I had slowed down or walked more than in the first mile, but apparently I did.

Still my mood was over all good.  I wasn’t the second to last over the finish line even if I was a back of the packer.  Early in the race I had picked out certain people to make sure I beat (am I the only person who does that?) and I beat them.  It was hot, but most of the route was shaded.  Running through the zoo was just fun, if extra smelly at times.  And I got animal crackers at the end.

I’m thinking my two biggest hurdles are thus: 1) Weight.  I weigh about 20 or so pounds more than two years ago when I ran my first 5K, but I put in a lot more work and I’m running around the same pace.  If I could just lose some weight I would automatically get faster.  2) I am not a morning runner.  95% (if not more) of races are run in the morning.  I think my body is generally like: “Wait.  Why exactly are we doing this instead of sleeping?”

The answer to the first: Get serious about eating whole, healthy foods and not sugar.  Do some kickass strength training.

The answer to the second: Well I’ll be running every Saturday morning from now through December 3.  Hopefully that will be enough and if it’s not… *Gulp* Early morning, pre-work runs? *Shudder*



June 8, 2011

Last Thursday, I signed up for Speed work. One of my co-workers is also doing it, and the wife of a guy I went to library school with. I’m happy to know I’ll have at least a couple people who aren’t super fast.  People who say I’m slow and mean it.

Then on Friday, I registered for my second triathlon! Another mini one.

On Sunday – I gave up sugar, white carbs, processed food (or at least heavily processed food), caffeine, and alcohol.  In a few days I go diary and gluten free for a few weeks before I slowly start adding things back in.

I’ve also decided to do a 30 for 30 challenge.  I’ll do 30 minutes of yoga for 30 days.

I am committed on so many levels.  And so far, I feel really good about it.


Tri again in new shoes?

May 4, 2011

Today was so beautiful out.  One of those rare spring days in *gasp* actual springtime.  They are few and far between in south Louisiana.  We went to an art/food/charity event this evening and then took a short walk around afterward and visited a bookstore, at which I bought nothing.  Amazing!

After work I headed out to my running store and perused their sale table. I picked up a new pair of running shoes.  Pretty, pretty blue!

My current shoes are fine. I really haven’t put that many miles on them at ALL in the past few months, but when I had my running injury in January, I think a contributing factor was old shoes.  So I want to make sure that as I start adding speedwork and long runs I don’t suddenly need new shoes and have to wait for them.  These will be my first pair of Asics for running and I’m hoping they work out well, but for 60 percent off – how can you pass that up?

So I might not be doing the Hottest Half 10k after all.  There is another mini-triathlon that I want to do.  I thought it was in October, but it’s in August.  A week after the Hottest Half.  I’m sure there are people who can run 6.2 miles on Sunday and then do a mini-triathlon on Saturday.  I am not one of them.  So which will I do?

Today I’m leaning toward the Tri.  And then maybe I’ll do a 10k in October…at the beach?  And then…the half marathon in December.  Does that seem possible?  I THINK so.  A few more days and then I am going to solidify my plan.  Cause it’s time for more than leisurely walks again.